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TESTIMONIAL for Skin Ointment Cream

I have been using Rixt Botello’s Skin Cream for the past twenty years in my practice as a Self Employed Midwife, a Natural Health Practitioner and a mother.  

This product has been used both as a nipple cream and a cream for all skin abrasions including boils, pimples and psoriasis.

 I have had remarkable results with it compared to any of the other creams on the market including Purelan.

 I have never encountered a reaction with the Mother or baby throughout this extensive use.  

There have never been any cases seen of infection.  I suspect that the healing herbs that are in the cream also act as great antifungal and antibacterial agents.  I have witness it work magic on children’s abrasions and skin infections, drawing any debri/bacteria from the skin, aiding its healing.  

The feedback from users has always been extremely positive.  Frequent comments are that it is so soothing, the skin heals very quickly, it prevents the nipple from sticking to pads of bras.

 In fact I have a number of previous clients that return to buy the cream for continued use on skin abrasions as their children grow.  There have been a number of occasions when families have returned from overseas on holiday and ordered more to take home with them as they can’t find any other product that is as good.   

The ingredients that are used are well sourced.

This is truly a ‘fix all’ sort of cream!

Regards Elaine Rudkin

Franklin Acupuncture and Wellness Centre

Midwife and Acupunturist


May be useful for skin cancer, skin growths, changing moles, sunspots & scarring.

 “I found this product to be excellent for removing skin growth from legs & face due to sun damage. I found it wonderful and my self-esteem improved as now I can wear shorts and skirts again.”

Mrs S from Taihape.

The back of both my hands are very badly marked with BIG angry red, scaly spots, I have a large “wart like’ mole on the right side of my body and my back has lots of little scaly spots and brown sunspots. I have been applying the Violet Cream twice daily and in the last week I have noticed a tremendous difference in appearance of my hands, the scaly bits have almost gone and the angry redness has faded, the same is happening to my back and the wart like mole on my right side is slowly disappearing. It’s just great! “

Mrs A from Porirua.

“I have used Violet Cream for my face and extra spots on my face and hands. I am thrilled with this excellent product and would recommend Violet Cream  to anyone."
Mr M.Miller from Taupo.

“I have used two jars and the sunspots are definitely fading but more importantly the skin cancers are slowly coming off. The one on my lip (specialist said Keratosis) is smaller, but as it’s been there a while it will take some time to completely disappear. The one under my eye is nearly gone. I use it religiously twice a day”.

Mrs M from Mosgiel.


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