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Rixt Botello is a “grass roots” Medical Herbalist.  She has been practicing as a Medical Herbalist (NZAMH-Dip Post), Aromatherapist (Dip Arom) & Bach Flower Practitioner (RBFP-UK)  for more than twenty seven years. She has graduated with honours as a natural Beauty Specialist (Dip-Int) and holds a Diploma in Adult Teaching.

She lives with her family on beautiful plot of land with New Zealand Native bush. Rixt has a deep affinity for the plant world gathering her medicines form the land and Native bush to manufacture herbal healing products such as creams, oils, tinctures and medicines for the health and well being of her clients.

She has tutored in many subjects in Natural Medicine nationwide at Herbal Colleges and Naturopathic Institutions (as HOD), Community Colleges, High School and Primary Schools, Massage Colleges and at the University for Midwives. She introduced the Bach Flower Remedies International Training from the Bach Centre (UK), to New Zealand. And became the co-coordinator and main Trainer for the Bach Flower Remedies throughout Australasia. Her own training was at the Bach centre in the UK and with further training in the USA.  This enabled her to train students to Bach Flower Practitioner Level (Level 3). In 1998 she was hired to introduce the Bach Flower Remedies to Thailand.

Rixt has written numerous columns for Healthy Options, Pet world, and local newspapers and  was a regular person on local radio.

In the past Rixt worked as a commercial cook. She  owned her own horticultural business growing flowers, herbs and vegetables under cover.  

In turn, this has enhanced her ability to write a regular column on herbal manufacturing and cooking for the Avena Magazine as  well as publishing a herbal book (completed in  2012) - A Herb Book From Nature - for children to use. This is a delightfully, informative and interactive herb book to learn about some common healing plants with wonderful illustrations.

Having raised five children naturally, with no orthodox intervention, her other passion has been pregnancy, childbirth and children’s health.

Rixt believes that the healing of our selves lies within us - and with support and guidance, everyone can empower themselves to a healthy state of balance and well being.

Medical Herbalist (DipMedHerbNZAMH)

Aromatherapist (Dip Arom)

Bach Flower Practitioner (BFPR-UK)

Adult Educator (Dip Adult Education)

Beauty Specialist (Dip Honors)

Author of “A Herb Book from Nature” - for children to use


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